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Summer (March to May) of Ahmedabad is boiling with an average mercury level of 36°C with extreme sometimes touching up to 45°C. So what the Ahmedabad citizens can do to get relief in such scorching heat?

Yes! We have a solution to your problem that is applicable anywhere and is cost effective too that solution is Sagar Air Coolers

Our air coolers consume the least energy, and just water is required to generate cool and moist air in the hot and dry climate. We are green as we use wood wool, cellulose honeycomb pad, and wood in the manufacturing of air coolers.
Thus, we are blessing for electricity saving aspects as today energy charges are touching new high in every quarter of the year.

Our air coolers are safe and secure as the wood and wood wools are the nonconductors of electricity. So there is no fear of electric socks.

We use special wood and wood wool that is decay resistant. Being decay resistant it does not attract any fungus and bacteria.

We also offer latest technologies prevailing in the market that replace the wood wool with Honeycomb Pads, which have astounding capacities to cool your ambiance with least usage of water and also have corresponding properties as our wood wool has as describe above.

We are highly competitive in price and excellent in quality. That is a first in Ahmedabad. We are not far away from you, just have a look at the location map below and you can visit our shop once and be our loyal customer forever, because we provide unmatched after sale services, that our other competitors are not offering at all.

We are not restricted up to room coolers; we also manufacture air coolers which can cover your entire house or your industrial premises. Because some industries like cotton clothes manufacturing units which demand cooling system that provides humidity as well. Our custom made air coolers satisfy such bespoken requirements.

If you say, we want to fit air cooler according to the size of your window our experts are ready to meet your requirements and even according to your budget.

We provide you with the home delivery and installation services anywhere in Ahmedabad as well as in Gujarat and adjoining states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.


How Our Air Coolers Work

The mechanism of air coolers or desert coolers is indeed very simple to understand. The hot outside air is blown over the moist pad that is installed on the three sides, and the fourth side is the cool air outlet. A tray is mounted on the base that is to be filled with water that is going to circulate water in the moist pad with the help of a submerged water pump. And the cool, moist air is thrown out by the fan installed at the fourth and front side of the air cooler. The air cooler is a square box made of wood or fiber.

How Our Air Coolers with Honeycomb Pads Work



  • Our honeycomb evaporating cooling pads are offering certain advantages over traditional wood wool pads such as:
  • They are engineered with particular cellulose material chemically treated against deterioration over time.
  • It ensures their durability as well as offer economic advantage over frequent replacements of wood wool.
  • Their design permits maximum surface for evaporation of water drops with the lowest pressure.
  • The self-cleaning, exceptional cooling abilities, and rigid structure making their maintenance at zero level.


Why People Prefer Our Air Coolers against Air Conditioners


Air Coolers

  1. Air coolers are light weighted and portable and can be installed anywhere you wish from your little room to large company premises.
  2. Air coolers work totally based on water. They use water to make dry and hot air moisturized and cool.
  3. There is no problem of the leakage of water.
  4. Air Coolers throw out cold and moist air. So your skin remains fresh.
  5. They are cost effective to install.
  6. Air coolers are not so noisy and moist against the air conditioners.


Air Conditioners

  1. Usually, the air conditioners are installed on windows or outside as they are quite heavy and require strong and costly frames.
  2. Air conditioners use chemicals to make the air cooler, but that takes the moisture out of the air and makes it totally dry.
  3. Air conditioners sometimes leak water.
  4. Air Conditioners throw out dry and cold air.
  5. They are very costly to install.
  6. The moist air conditions are quite louder than air coolers.


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