Company Made Air Coolers

Types of Air Coolers or Desert Coolers We Make & Sale

Usually air coolers are of two type wooden air coolers that are handmade and company air coolers that are manufactured in the air cooler manufacturing unit. Our handmade coolers have strong wood material and high quality wood wool and they are made in standard sizes and we also make air coolers as per our customer’s requirement. Company made air coolers we sale are come from only reputed companies. We offer the best discount and most importantly the best services for maintenance and repairing that are not available at other places.

Company Made Air Coolers We Sale


Symphony is one of the best air cooler manufacturing companies. It totally focuses on creating pioneering designs. Its air coolers are eco-friendly and can be used for domestic use as well as industrial usage. Symphony focuses on manufacturing customer friendly designs with unique styling and enhanced energy saving air coolers.




Kenstar as well is listed in best quality air cooler manufacturing companies. It manufactures a wide range of air coolers such as desert coolers, room air coolers, window coolers, etc. with the Quadra flow technology. It gives importance to the manufacturing of air coolers with unique features as well provide comfort and relaxation with it.




McCoy also ranks in one of the best air cooler manufacturing companies. McCoy has five different models which are Captain, Major, Colonel, General and Marshall. It has rust proof and ergonomically designed body with 60 Ltrs water tank capacity to cover 750 sq.ft. area. You will have one year guarantee for Marshall modal.