Some Essential Instructions for Our Beloved Customers

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Regarding Guarantee:

  • The guarantee of Fan motor, and pump lasts only till 31st December.
  • Auto swing motor does not carry any guarantee.
  • If fan motor is still under guarantee please dismantle and bring for replacement.
  • Bring bill compulsorily if product is still under guarantee.
  • In an air cooler only fan motor and pump comes under guarantee.

Regarding the Product:

  • If product once sold will not be replaced or taken back.
  • After filling water in air cooler please switch on the pump before five minutes, only after that switch on the fan.
  • While switching off the cooler switch of the pump after five minutes switch of the fan.
  • While the cooler is on please keep door or windows open.
  • Before putting away cooler please drain water, clean pump and switch on fan for 30 minutes.
  • Cooler will not give cooling in humid weather.
  • Please have electric-earthing in the electric socket before installing the cooler.


Sagar Air Cooler Bill Backside

Sagar Air Cooler Bill


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